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As noted by the award-winning nationally and regionally recognized correspondent, television, and radio host Jim Masters (of PBS and Close-Up Talk Radio), “effective therapy requires a combination of compassion, skill set and education level, as well as a safe environment in order for clients to share their feelings", and “nowhere is that more true than at Lehigh Counseling led by Bill Dougherty.” Furthermore, Jim points out that “Lehigh Counseling provides a client-centered approach….and I love when I hear that phrase, client-centered ….its all about you, its not one size fits all, it’s tailored to you…”

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Lehigh Counseling’s Bill Dougherty to be Featured on Close-Up Talk Radio

Easton, PA (12/5/2013)– Studies have shown no one therapeutic modality is superior to another; rather, clinicians themselves ultimately determine whether treatment will prove effective. It’s not about the model you’re using, it’s the relationship between the therapist and the client.

The ability to provide a safe environment for people to share their feelings, thoughts and experiences is essential to effective counseling. Nowhere is that more true than Lehigh Counseling. Led by licensed professional counselor Bill Dougherty, Lehigh Counseling provides client-centered, strength-based counseling to individuals, couples and adolescents for issues related to addiction, anxiety, career or relationships.

“I look to my clients to be the experts of themselves, which encourages them to guide the therapy where it needs to go,” says Dougherty. “What I offer is insight and that insight is a catalyst for change.”

According to Dougherty, "once you show a person their truth, they have no choice but to accept that truth, though we often do our best not to. Each of us develops psychological schemas that teach us how to interact with people and the world. When we grow accustomed to a certain pattern of behavior, however, we look to repeat it, even after it’s outlived its usefulness. Addiction, for instance, is simply a maladaptive coping skill that worked at one time and does no longer."

“That’s the struggle and that’s where I come in,” says Dougherty. “I’m trying to help them get past their defenses to recognize truth and the need for change.”

With a background in English literature, Dougherty is unique in that he brings a decidedly post-modern perspective to his therapeutic approach. One of these concepts is known as Narrative Therapy. Dougherty encourages and compassionately challenges his clients to be mindful of the story they’re telling themselves to better utilize their strengths.

“The words we choose to use can help manifest the changes we hope to bring about,” says Dougherty. “The idea is to encourage the use of more positive words as opposed to negative words.”

Lehigh Counseling’s personalized service has proven remarkably effective in helping clients confront the challenges of their lives to bring about lasting and meaningful change.

“I like watching people become who they can be. I like when people realize they’re more than who they are,” says Dougherty. “If each person can achieve balance and make their little corner of the world a little bit nicer and a little safer, it’s good for everyone.”

Close-Up Talk Radio will feature Bill Dougherty in an interview with Jim Masters on December 7th at 1pm.

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